WhatsApp+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions

A re you tired of the same old WhatsApp experience? Do you crave personalization and unique features that set you apart from the rest? Then you’re in the right place! Say hello to WhatsApp JiMods v9.65, the ultimate solution for those looking to get the most out of their messaging app. Packed with incredible features and customization options, JiMods offers a superior alternative to other mods. Let’s dive in and explore everything this amazing app has to offer.


Unrivaled Customization with WhatsApp JiMods AntiBAN!

Transform Your App’s Appearance

Stand out from the crowd with a range of stunning themes and personalize your messaging experience like never before. WhatsApp JiMods allows you to choose from a vast collection of eye-catching themes, giving your app an aesthetic upgrade and setting it apart from other modded versions.

Optimize Privacy and Security

Privacy is paramount in today’s digital world, and JiMods understands that. This feature-rich mod lets you take control of your privacy settings, offering options such as hiding your online status, customizing who can see your last seen, and much more. These advanced features give you the peace of mind you need, surpassing the privacy controls of rival mods.


Unleash the Power of Advanced Features

Enhanced Media Sharing Capabilities

Share memories and important files without the limitations of traditional WhatsApp. JiMods v9.65 allows you to send larger files, videos, and high-quality images without compromising on quality. This feature ensures you stay connected with friends and family without the restrictions of competing mods.

Effortless Backup and Recovery

Never lose a precious conversation again. With WhatsApp JiMods v9.65, you can easily back up and recover your chats and media, ensuring your data is safe and secure. This powerful backup feature sets JiMods apart from other modded WhatsApp alternatives.



Features You’ll Love in WhatsApp JiMods

Customizable Fonts and Styles

Why settle for the default font when you can make your conversations truly unique? WhatsApp JiMods lets you choose from various fonts and styles to personalize your messaging experience even further. Stand out from with a distinct text style that reflects your personality.

Anti-Delete Messages and Statuses

Missed an important message because the sender deleted it? Worry no more! With JiMods, you can enable the anti-delete feature for messages and statuses, allowing you to view content even after it’s been removed by the sender. This powerful feature gives you an advantage over users of other modded WhatsApp versions.

Pin More Chats

Keeping track of important conversations has never been easier. WhatsApp JiMods allows you to pin more chats than the standard app, ensuring you never lose sight of essential messages. This convenient feature sets JiMods apart from alternatives.



Stay Ahead of the Competition with WhatsApp JiMods

With its incredible range of features and customization options, WhatsApp JiMods v9.65 is the ultimate choice for those looking to enhance their messaging experience. Outshine users with an app that caters to your every need. Upgrade to JiMods v9.65 today and experience the future of messaging!



Elevate Your Messaging Experience with WhatsApp JiMods

Key Features of WhatsApp+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions :

  • COLORFUL : Basically it can be customized where you can change colors, sizes, and many other things.
  • EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT : In addition, you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16 Mb) to send large music files or videos.
  • FULL IMAGE QUALITY: The quality of the image increases while sending (the original one decreases it).
  • AD FREE : No ads as the original “WhatsApp”.
  • QUICK SHARE : You can share music in one click.
  • PARTIAL COPY/PASTE : You can select the part you want to copy from text rather copying whole text and send it to people in your contact.
  • WATCH STATUS : You can directly watch status in the chat screen when you are chatting.
  • HIDE PROFILE PICTURE : You can hide contact profile pictures and show phone-book pictures (in chat screen).
  • LOAD OF THEMES : Built-in theme viewer and download. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and apply any theme you prefer.

Additionally, WhatsApp+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions offers a variety of unique features that set it apart from other messaging apps.


Some of these features include:

  • The ability to change the style of ticks and bubbles
  • A counter for group statistics
  • The ability to preview media without loading
  • Option to show online/last seen status on the main screen
  • The ability to send larger videos, up to 30 MB
  • Ability to send more images at once, up to 90
  • The ability to write longer status updates, up to 250 characters
  • Ability to open links on the chat screen without saving the sender’s number or group admin’s number
  • The ability to watch status directly from the chat screen
  • Ability to hide the name and date when copying text to another chat user
  • The ability to copy and paste status updates
  • Support for additional file types, including pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx, and zip


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